To nap or not to nap… [09.07.15]

Reader B writes:
It’s Labor Day, all I want to do is nap. Everyone else is out there doing something; mowing, sawing, hammering, etc. Why can’t I just nap for chrissake?!

You can just nap. Those other people are just plain nuts. You don’t want to be known for being nuts, do you?! Then nap. And, leave me alone. I have things to do. It’s Labor Day. ZZZzzzzzz……..

Drinks vs. Dog [01.13.15]

Reader A writes:
I want to stop for a cocktail after work but should get home to my dog. What’s a girl to do.

No doubt your dog has been drinking all day. Now it’s your turn. Go have that cocktail. The later you get home the happier your dog will be to see you. It’s a win-win.